Wednesday, 16 May 2012

If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked A Cake

The film made with Abingdon Wellbeing Resource Centre members,
inspired a discussion on rationing with a group from John Mason School.
Following this on Thursday 19th April the Gifted & Talented group at John Mason School embarked on a cookery project.
The recipe and method was as followed:

Cake or Pudding Mixture
1 egg (reconstituted);
4 ozs national flour;
2 oz Sugar
1 teaspoon backing powder;
A little Milk
Method.- Beat Egg. Cream fat and sugar,
add egg and lastly the flour mixed with
the baking powder. Mix to a soft
2 ozs sugar;
2 ozs fat;
1 teaspoon baking powder;
A little milk.
consistency with a little milk. Spread in a
tin and bake for 15 – 20 minutes.
Note. This mixture can be steamed in a
basin for 1 hour and served as a pudding
with jam or custard sauce.

The cake was given to members of the Centre to try and see if it was how they remembered cakes tasting at the time.

I am still interviewing individual members who are kindly sharing their memories of time gone by. We have spoken of those who managed to get away from the islands before the Germans arrived. Many remember leaving on boats with only a suitcase with them. Others recall losing their homes when they came up from the Air Raid shelters and found their homes had been bombed.  They spoke of being put up in a church until such time as they were found other accommodation.

These are funny, sad intriguing stories and only wish I could spend longer on these very short films.

We have more that will be taking place over the next six months. Artist Helen Jacobs will be running workshops in June & July. Co--op Archives Anne Ransome will be visiting, Helen Fountain and Gill Munday from the Museums, Cait Sweeney will be looking at the Stars from the Golden Screen. While Isla Goldsmith runs the tabletop plants and gardening session and we look at the  ‘Dig For Victory’ campaign. 

Down Memory Lane is funded by The Awards For All Grant – Lottery Fund.
The project is being run with:
Forum Chair- Renee Zarecky
(representing the Oasis group) , Josie Kinduich , Doris Hurley, Janet Churlish, Sylvia Pead and Mary Southey
Jackie Bowler – Abingdon Resource and Wellbeing Centre
Abigail Brown – Arts Development Officer Vale of the White Horse District Council
Pauline Krason, Pat Taylor, Jean Abraham, Sarah Holloway, Lina Mokute, Christine Sadler and Jackie Richards.

Sharon Woodward – Filmmaker/Artist in Residence, Project Co-ordinator
Cait Sweeney – Assistant Co-ordinator

Sharon Woodward - Projects and Films  

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