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The Down Memory Lane - Exhibition Success

Down Memory Lane
Oral History, Reminiscence & Archive Project - Exhibition 22nd September 2012

Now being used in Schools and other educational establishments, Senior Citizens Groups as well as a resource for those in the UK and throughout the World on-line.

What people wrote:

“I love my teddy and my family” (unknown Brownie) (in relation to what you would take down in the Air-raid Shelter - they could select 6 things that children may have had during the 1940's)

“I was amazed at all there was to see”

“Those good old days! I remember dried bananas, dried egg powder, tins of honeycomb and singing round the piano”

 “Bert, wish I’d known you in your heyday – you look so dashing in the photos!”
Sandra (PCSO)

“I never knew a camera in the olden days was so different” (unknown Brownie)

“I never realised how many games have changed”(unknown Brownie)
What people Said:
“Absolutely wonderful I think such a lot of work went into it. Its so valuable It stirred up so many memories for me” Elaine

“Really excellent Exhibition really good example of community involvement, so you’ve got intergeneration, young people working with older people”  Richard 

What a wonderful success Saturday was with The Down Memory Lane Project.

We had excellent feedback with over 100 people who attended.

Amongst those who attended and spoke to us:

Alastair Fear from the Abingdon Heritage Blog – who asked if it was possible to show some of the Down Memory Lane Exhibition at next years Heritage Day.
Alastair said:
I love to see the old photographs what people were like then and what they are like now. Also what they did – I’m amazed at people who are quite elderly have done so much in their lives. There is a lady here who used to drive a bus and she wouldn’t have had the chance if the War hadn’t come about. There are some amazing films as well. People interacting with Brownies and Scouts comparing what things were like then and now.  

Film Director Martyn Chalk -Chief Executive of Chalk Star Films
It’s great isn’t it? So much history and history in the community all these people getting together to remember. It’s important because all these things will just disappear otherwise. One of the most important things is to learn about our history and what has gone on in our past. I was lucky I got to grow up with my grandparents – but there are so many people my age that just don’t know these things.
Andrew Hart – Designer/Photographer Queo Design Group
One thing I found interesting was how communities have existed in the past. From a personal level it was how I felt integrated with that. I was also remembering things myself, the fruit gum box appearing on screen, I suddenly thought, oh I remember that!
I was born ten years after the War but there was still a lot of things hanging around from that time.. One of the things we do is take so much for granted. Today people will have a mobile phone, computers at least one car. I remember as a kid if somebody had a car we would all turn out in the street and watch it come down the road.  

Also big congratulations to the 1st Drayton Brownies who received their hostess badge - we appreciated all those cups of tea you made.

This project is going to go on to a number of schools and Senior Citizens groups. We were also being asked where else it would be shown. We are currently looking at offering some of the exhibition to organizations that are interested in putting the stories out on display.

                               Renee, Doris and Betty - Cinema section of the exhibition

   Reg & his daughter watching his wife and her mother talk about being a Girl Guide
                                                       Burt with his Purely King Display 

Thank you once again to everybody involved and those organizations and individuals who gave their time.

Ending on response from a daughetr and granddaughter:

Norma (Betty & Reg’s daughter)
Betty and Reg my father in the Navy and my mother was in the Wrens. This project has given them a great deal of self-esteem. They have been so interested in it, my mum loved getting all her Brownie and Guide photos out.. I was a Guide and so were my children.

I’m staggered that this group of people have had so many experiences between them. 
 I think it’s important that projects about people like this one are made. Especially like this that involves all the different generations.

Betty & Reg’s Granddaughter

It is wonderful, it’s brought memories back of them talking about their childhood and also my neighbour is on the wall as well (known as Jane) so that was wonderful.   

                                  Renee Zarecky speaks to Rhianne Pope from the Oxford Mail 

Thank you to all those individuals and organizations for supporting us and helping us make this happen. Through time, volunteering, equipment, resources, publicity or for directly taking part in this important Oral History, Reminiscence and Archive Project for future generations.

Thank you:
Gill Jaggers - Head of Marketing Pegasus Theatre
Roger Hammett – ‘Reel History’ Archive Partners BBC South
Suzy Sheriff & Matt Taylor - Manager & Assistant Manager Phoenix Picturehouse
Philip Cowen – Academic Subject Leader Newport Film School @ University of Wales
Louisa Weeks & Phil Ashworth - Oxford Bus Company
John Bayliss – Oxford Bus Museum Trust Ltd
Anne Ransome – Midcounties Co-operative Archive
Kay Harman - Little Nellie’s Sweet Shop, Henley
Ruth Hudson - 1st Drayton Brownies
Charlie Barrnett & Amy Paterson - John Mason Gifted & Talented Group
And the Ark T Centre, Cowley, Oxford

Thank you to the project and activity staff : Helen Jacobs – Artist, Painter, Sculpture &
Textiles, Isla Goldsmith – Thrive Project Officer, Gill Munday – Heritage Learning and
Access Manager County Museums, Helen Fountain – Reminiscence Officer, Museum of
Oxford, Nicholas Gill – Solo Jazz Piano & Musical Director of Oxford Classic Jazz

Down Memory Lane is funded by The Awards For All Grant – Lottery Fund.
The project was run with:
Forum Oasis Chair and Committee representatives
Renee Zarecky , Doris Hurley, Janet Churlish, Sylvia Pead and Mary Southey
Jackie Bowler – Abingdon Resource and Wellbeing Centre
Abigail Brown & Helen Jacobs – Arts Development Officer Vale of the White
Horse District Council
Pauline Krason, Pat Taylor, Kathryn Baggott , Sarah Holloway, Lina Mokute,
Christine Sadler, Jackie Richards and Ruth Evans

Cait Sweeney – Assistant Co-ordinator,
Documenter & Production Assistant

Sharon Woodward – Filmmaker/Artist in
Residence, Project Manager

Sharon Woodward - Projects and Films

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  1. Gutted I couldn't make it, it looks amazing. Real, interesting people and their stories. Great stuff!