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Down Memory Lane - Oasis Group Abingdon

 Down Memory Lane - Films

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Project overview
Down Memory Lane (Oxfordshire, Abingdon) - Oral History Reminiscence and Archive project ran for six months. This project was developed and organised with Filmmaker/Artist in Residence -Sharon Woodward and the Oasis group based at Abingdon Resource and Wellbeing Centre. It involved visiting speakers, entertainers and arts workshops. The activities stimulated the memories of the Senior Citizens who took part. In this film we take an overview of the entire project and give an outline on what has gone on and how the work is being used.

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Declaration of War 1939
Members of the Oasis group speak about their memories and experiences when War was declared. In this short film Senior Citizens remember where they were and how they felt when the 2nd World War was declared.

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Memories of War 1939 - 1945
In this short film we pay tribute to those who suffered and overcame hardship, who worked for the Resistance and gave their lives.

Young People Involved:

Youth inter-generational involvement with the project Down Memory Lane explores the  Rationing system and Social activities of times gone by.

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John Mason School - Gifted & Talented Group
John Mason school taking part in the Down Memory Lane Project. Making a sponge cake with a recipe issued by the Ministry of Food in 1940. Using Dried egg & Powder Milk.

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1st Drayton Brownies
The 1st Drayton Brownies visit the project they are celebrating nearly 55 years and speak to the Senior Citizens about their childhood memories about clubs, youth groups, games and other activities.

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Anderson Shelter
Doris and Pat talk about what they remember about the Anderson Shelters.

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Women During WW2
Stella Coulling speaks of her time during the War as a bus driver. With contributions from the Oxford Bus Company, (including interview with female bus driver Sharon Harry)
Oxford Bus Museum Trust Ltd,

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Ration & Fashion
The result of a number of show and tell workshops which developed into members speaking about their experiences during the 2nd World War.
In this short film they talk about the Rations and what they had to do to remain fashionable during that time. With contributions from Little Nellie's Sweet Shop.

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Feedback on exhibition
Exhibition – Down Memory Lane (Oxfordshire, Abingdon) the Oral History, Reminiscence and Archive project ran for six months. The films, stories, artwork and photographs were collated for an exhibition that was open to the public on the 22nd September 2012. Here is some of the feedback for the day.

Thank you to those individuals and organizations for supporting this project and helping us to make this happen. Through time, volunteering, equipment, resources, publicity or for directly taking part in this important Oral History, Reminiscence and Archive Project for future generations.

 Thank you to the project and activity staff : Helen Jacobs – Artist, Painter, Sculpture & Textiles, Isla Goldsmith – Thrive Project Officer, Gill Munday – Heritage Learning and Access Manager County Museums, Helen Fountain – Reminiscence Officer, Museum of Oxford, Nicholas Gill – Solo Jazz Piano & Musical Director of Oxford Classic Jazz.

 Down Memory Lane is funded by The Awards For All Grant – Lottery Fund.
The project is was run with: Forum Oasis Chair and Committee representatives
Renee Zarecky , Doris Hurley, Janet Churlish, Sylvia Pead and Mary Southey

Jackie Bowler – Abingdon Resource and Wellbeing Centre
Abigail Brown & Helen Jacobs – Arts Development Officer Vale of the White Horse District Council
Pauline Krason, Pat Taylor, Kathryn Baggott , Sarah Holloway, Lina Mokute,
Christine Sadler, Jackie Richards and Ruth Evans

Cait Sweeney – Assistant Co-ordinator, Documenter & Production Assistant

Sharon Woodward – Filmmaker/Artist in Residence, Project Manager

Article on exhibition : Oxford Times

Big thank you to Prelinger Archive Prelinger Archive 
Broken Home  

Sharon Woodward - Projects and Films
Sharon can also be found here  WoodwardMedia Facebook page

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